The Future of Mirai

Greetings everyone,

We've received countless requests from the Mirai community, in regards to keeping Mirai alive. The community has always played a large role in the operation of Mirai, and there is now overwhelming support for a return. We have taken this all into account.

The Mirai administration and development team have been listening out to all of YOU, and we believe now that making a return is in the best interest of the community. Tybone10 will still remain working on Mirai, although will become less active in the development of Mirai, with update releases being pushed out less often than in the past.

This decision on reopening is completely based off the community's thoughts. We understand how our closure has made an impact on everyones lives, and we feel that what Mirai has to offer meets the needs for many people. With this being said, Mirai has gone into a new development stage where we will not only plan a return of the original Mirai, but also make many game improvements and enhancements to further benefit the user experience.

You may have many burning questions right now, which will all be answered very soon.

See you in the future,
Mirai Team